About Me


I hope to answer some questions about who I am, my experience, and where I would like to go with webdesign/website building, etc.  Where I derived this business from.

What have you done?  Where have you started?  Since 2005, I’ve modified my own websites for my photography business, and updated them, and added photos, bios, information about who I am.  Of course, I was always updating with photos, mostly of the couples I photographed.

Then in 2012, I wanted to start my computer repair business, Shazam! Computers.  I had taken my expertise from that, and was able to make my own website, do modifications, as well.

In 2014, I started Whistlin’ Wheekers.  My hobby and love for guinea pigs!  Not just ordinary ones, but beautiful long haired ones with beautiful colors: Golden, Lemon and Silver agouti! I photographed them, showed them, and of course, I put the changes in the website.

And, now in 2016, I started Whirli Wind Websites.  Why?  You may ask. The reason is this:  I saw a need for business’s that didn’t have a website, and I could offer it to them.  Why not?  People want to have more business, and yet, maybe they don’t have time to make one for themselves.  Maybe they’re used to being paid $100/hour plus, and they could easily afford me.  Maybe they’re so busy, that they consider(and it is) an investment for their firm, business, or practice.

With my business, I have been able to help local Waterford folk with their websites such as KJ Tax & Accounting, and their other business, Advanced Office Solutions.  With their business’s, I’ve also developed a very nice shopping cart that you can see here:

Now, with going into October 2016, I’ve landed a fabulous kicking project with the Family Tae Kwon Do Champions!  What an honor to work with a 6th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Nick Elliott.  He has Dojang’s in New Berlin, Delafield and Oconomowoc.  I’m excited to be working with them and their new sites to come.  Ay Yah!!