These websites are former clients that I have worked on, and are some samples of what I have done:

My first project would have been from 11 years ago, and I believe it may have been a WordPress website, but it’s long gone.  I’ve used other website company’s such as Webs, Wix, Iconosites, and here I am back to WordPress!

I actually derived my Website Design business off of Shazam! Computers; and I even started making a new website with “Shazam! Computers Web Design” but I still wanted to have a separate name, so, I thought of names, and have this really cool logo that I would love to add, in which I may add within the next few weeks or so.  I started Shazam! Computers back in 2012, and continue to do it to help out others with their computer issues.  I’ve repaired and trained how to fix them since about 2005.


Then, after a couple of years, my family and I started owning guinea pigs, and in time, I decided to breed, and even show them as well.  I’m a part of the ACBA, and really enjoy doing that with my family.  When I’m not doing digital work, I love snuggling with my furry little friends that just love to popcorn, wheek and whistle!


In early 2016, I was hired by a CPA in the Waterford, WI area to take care of their websites, and worked on not only their KJ Tax & Accounting Website, but their AOS & KJ Tax shopping cart–now that’s one awesome shopping cart!  It’s like doing an entire whole website all over–took me an entire week to get that one done!   They really needed the help, and I was glad to help them out.


Now, one of my most favorite projects that I am now working on in October of 2016 is for the Family Tae Kwon Do Champions!  They have 3 locations: New Berlin, Delafield, and Oconomowoc.  I am very honored to work with 6th Degree Black Belt, Master Nick Elliott.  And, yes, I’ve taken lessons….We’ll let you guess what belt I am.

If you’ve ever consider taking some kind of martial arts for fitness, defense, or just peace of mind, consider trying Family Tae Kwon Do with them.  You won’t regret it!  I surely haven’t.


I wanted to create a more sophisticated website for my wife, Amy, and I really like this site:  Simplistic, elegant, and attractive.   Of course, I will also help her with updating it, and will have it’s own domain as well.  Tell me what you think: Just click on the photo.



Working with the author Jimmy James, I helped create his newest website that advertises his books and his swag gear!  Really interesting books, life changing!    Click on the photo below to look at his site!

Snitches N B*tches, Fracas, and A Line 2 Die 4
All 3 books of his, and great wear to show it off!

You can pay right here!  It’s fast and easy.  You can use Visa/Mastercard for this simple check out:  Yes, it’s Paypal, just click on this image below:  It is working.  IF for some reason, or another it doesn’t let me know, and I’ll fix it right away.


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